Web Design

When designing for the web, there are some unique challenges compared to other disciplines arising from the fact that web design is still in its infancy and is evolving rapidly. Even the defi nition of web design is evolving and diffi cult to defi ne. Originally, web design meant designing pages for a web browser. While this is still true, you now need to consider the rapidly evolving nature of mobile devices, tablets, smart phones, and consumer electronics that access the web. Some people make the distinction between mobile design and web design, but this distinction is evaporating as mobile devices are evolving. For many web professionals, this rapid evolution of the medium is part of what makes it such an exciting field.

The stages of the our planning process

The stages of the planning process can generally be defined as:

  • Defining goals and strategy
  • Research
  • Information architecture
  • Sketching
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups

Key for Designing for the WEB

W3C page validation is the most tangible aspect of standards-based web design, but there are also other benefi ts to creating well-structured pages, including:

Less code

Using HTML and CSS allows you to create similar pages with fewer lines of code — less work for you and faster download times for the viewer.

Ease of maintenance

Less code means a website that is easier to maintain. This helps you, the author of a page, as well as any members of a team working on maintaining or revising a website.


Web documents marked up semantically, meaning those that use the best HTML tag for the job, can be easier to navigate by users with visual impairments and the information they contain is more likely to be found by a visitor to the site.

Search engine optimization

Web pages with clear and logically named sections, both within the code and also within page content, are easier for search engines to index and categorize because content that is organized and well-labeled is easier for search engines to evaluate content and relevance of content on the page.

Device compatibility

Websites that separate the structure from the style are more easily repurposed for mobile devices and other browsers. CSS also allows for alternative style sheets that optimize the appearance based on the device being used to view the page

Scenarios and characters

It can be helpful to envision some fi ctitious users of your site. You can create several characters and think about how they were introduced to your site, what they hope to achieve while using the site, and what are their priorities. By envisioning the experience through others’ eyes, you can gain a more user-focused experienced.

Web analytics

You can obtain analytics data in two ways:

through the hosting company, and through thirdparty analytic software such as Google Analytics or Omniture. Although many hosting companies provide free analytics services, the depth of the information might be limited and the data might not be easy to interpret.

More companies are using advanced analytic software to maintain and improve their website. Third-party analytic software often requires you to add JavaScript to every page on your website, which allows the software to begin collecting more specifi c data such as how long, on average, users might be spending on a certain page. In addition to the additional data gathered, another benefi t of third-party analytics is the way they present charts and graphs in a more user-friendly way.

Although Internet marketers use analytics to improve websites, it can also be useful for design purposes. For example, if analytics data shows that a particular recipe on your SmoothieWorld site has become extremely popular (for whatever reason), a designer might “promote” that page by adding a link or photo to the recipe on the home page. It’s a good idea to incorporate analtyics into your site designs so your clients can measure the eff ectiveness of their sites. Popular analytics tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular choice due to its integration with Google’s AdWords campaign, and because it is off ered at no cost. can visit here


Omniture was recently purchased by Adobe, and provides enterprise-level analytics tools for large businesses. can visit here